Marketing system principals We build out an approach to work with several rules that help us achieve results no matter what

Principle #1

Comprehensive analysis of all stages of the consumer journey

When thinking about solving a problem, the consumer’s journey is long and full of alternatives. We accompany him throughout, gradually leading to the purchase.

We teach your audience about your brand until they want to purchase. Create a flow of applications from potential customers. We will generate effective sales through the establishment of processes in the work of your managers. Let's turn customers into followers of your nonsense. Only combined solutions of these issues gives impetus to business growth.

Dmitry Gorbachev

Dmitry Gorbachev

Founder of Apriori Marketing. 19 years of experience
Principle #2

Marketing strategy based on an impeccable understanding of the market

Based on the research, we create marketing strategy aimed at developing your company in the next 3-5 years.

When developing advertising tools, we rely on market research, and not on our own instinct or opinion of the customer. Research will reliably tell us why exactly do your customers buy, under what conditions they would be willing to pay more, how to devour your competitors. Prepare for the whole truth!

Yulia Metelitskaya

Yulia Metelitskaya

Head of the Analytics and Strategy Department. 11 years of experience
Principle #3

Continuous improvement through analytics and optimization

The digital model will show real time bottlenecks of current marketing system that require attention.

Before launching an advertising campaign, we introduce tools that measure everything which affects end-result. Based on the collected data, we are constantly improving the marketing system, reducing the cost of inbound marketing. Advertising tactics with proven effectiveness - scalability. Weak components of the system are to be improved.

Oleg Yefimov

Oleg Yefimov

Head of the Digital Marketing Department. 9 years of experience
Principle #4

The power of a brand lays in creating customer value

We design a unique multi-component image for each product, based on the perception of its values by consumers.

The purchase is rarely purely rational, it also satisfies psychological needs, which are often forgotten. We study the whole set of factors that influence the perception of your offer by consumers and create an image desired by the audience. With emphasis on emotional perception and the creation of a trusting relationship with the consumer.

Alexandra Evdokimova

Alexandra Evdokimova

Head of the Branding and Design Department. 9 years of experience
Principle #5

Combining marketing communications through the logic of consumer behavior

Each subsequent contact with the consumer should be a logical continuation of the previous one and bring him closer to the purchase.

Scattered communications confuse people. We study what information the consumer needs at each stage of decision-making and deliver it to the right place at the right time using online and offline advertising. The consumer enters the information flow that pushes him to purchase.

Elena Trotskaya

Elena Trotskaya

Head of Client Support Department, 6.5 years of experience.

The structure of a workflow

We start any project with research. It helps to understand the situation, calculate realistic business goals, and develop an optimal strategy. While considering implementation plans, we select an individual set of marketing tools suitable for your situation. We search for new ways to improve efficiency and adjust advertising campaigns every week. As the data accumulates, we check with the business goal, identify declensions and refine the marketing system.

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